The little school where BIG things happen.

Beeac Primary School (opened in Feb 1923) is situated in the township of Beeac which is a rural community 19km north-east of Colac.

The students attending the school come from the rural township and surrounding communities of Cundare, Dreeite, Weering and Eurack. Our school bus connects Beeac with Cressy on a daily basis. It also picks up children from the surrounding communities.
The school’s guiding principles are to:

  •        Develop lively, inquiring minds
  •        Encourage powers of sound judgement
  •        Foster and develop respect for and a caring attitude to others
  •        Establish an understanding of differences between people and tolerance of these differences
  •        Develop an acceptance of responsibility of actions

Brolga Pathways experience


Our new playground equipment being enjoyed!