Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.28.08 pmSustainability at Beeac Primary School

As part of our sustainability profile we are developing a number of projects at our school and students are leading the way in promoting sustainability through-out the school.

What’s happening in the vegie garden?
Last term we had a great supply of tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries and cucumbers. This term we have a whole new collection of vegies to plant and Mrs Hill’s class spent the first sunny Monday back at school, planting out peas, beans, lettuce and carrots.

Stay tuned….
Students in Mr Maddern’s room have been learning about CO2 and considering ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. They have come up with two initiatives for this term. The first will be our switch off program, where students will play an active role in turning off light when not needed in the school. Monitors will also be appointed to make sure appliances are also switched off
The second initiative is having power off all afternoon on fun Friday. Students will ask parents and community members to come in and play board games.
We will have fun planning these events and will post details as soon as plans are complete.

Our Farm
Parents at Beeac Primary School have done a brilliant job of fencing a paddock on the northern side of the school. This will soon be home to farm animals. These holidays, parents cleared up the trees, burnt off all the debris and built a very sturdy fence, complete with gate, to complete the paddock. We were all very impressed by the result of their hard work and excitedly await the animals. The farm is a great addition to our biodiversity plan for the school. It complements our vegie garden and introduces another area of farm life for the children to learn about. A big thankyou to all the parents who have worked so hard on this project

Our Eco Warriors
As part of our sustainability policy at Beeac we have established a leadership group of Eco Warriors who will be working on many of our environmentally friendly projects.
Four students are our leaders for 2015.
They have trained to run the Water Watch program, which will begin this term. They are also supporting students with the introduction of our Switch Off and Power Off Fun Friday initiatives.
These students will be attending a sustainability leadership conference later in the year.

Free water testing. Can we help you?
At Beeac Primary School we are doing monthly water testing with Water-Watch.
The testing we do gives information about the safety of water for cattle ,dairy cows, fish, and sheep.
If you have a dam or waterway in the Beeac area and this information would be useful, please contact our school to discuss how we can help.

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